Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011


"one day, maybe you'll miss me, or maybe you'll need my help, or even maybe you want me to come back with you..

I know, it could happen now, later or never will happen. but I don't know when..

but I'm here..

I will guarantee my heart will never be touched by another man, whoever it is.

My heart just for you, because this heart is yours.

I'll protect my heart just for you although you never ask me to do it..

I'll always be here..

waiting for you without any hope.

I will not asked you again to come back with me..

I will always be across the street, until you waved your hand and asked me to approach you, and asked me to hug you so tightly ..

then I will lead you to a place that I know best and will make you always happy, so you will never regret your decision.

there's no reason why i love you...

but there's a reason why i want to be in your side...

i'm sure you know it, and i'm sure you feel it

i want you don't ever hesitate to contact me ..

because I'll always be there for you..

i'm not going to get away from you.."


aaaaaa nggatau deh mendadak kepikiran pengen punya pacar.. :D

pengen ngasih itu tulisan ke someone yang kelak jadi pacar atau bahkan pendamping saya *jleeeb-ketahuan banget skr jomblowati-hahahhaa-pingsan*

helllo pris,

sadar pris,

sekolah dulu yang bener,

bikin bapak-ibuk bangga dulu,

baru cari pendamping..


oke, i will.. :)

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